Well, this page is about myself so here it goes. The name given to me by my parents was Rustin Jack Umstattd. The middle name was my grandfather’s name on my mom’s side, the last name came from my dad, and the first name apparently was pulled out of thin air, but I like it none the less. I haven’t yet met anyone with it, so I have that going for me. I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ who has one wife, Leslie, and two awesome girls, Ashtin and Jordan. I am fascinated with the Bible and how it all holds together into this beautiful, intriguing, fascinating, mesmerizing (I think I can get a few more descriptors in here), explosive, contemplative, poetic, apocalyptic story of how God is redeeming the world from the break-up that happened at creation when humanity decided to cheat on God (See Genesis 1-3 for the opening scene of this story). To understand the title of this blog just know that Jesus is the plot twist that makes sense of the biblical story, and hence he also can make sense out of our confusing lives. Hopefully you will find something here to help you along the way.

I teach theology at Midwestern Baptist Theology Seminary (www.mbts.edu) and serve as a pastor at Northland Baptist Church in Kansas City (nbckc.org).